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When is the time for garage door replacement?

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Your garage door is possibly the heaviest piece of machinery in your house. Daily use and weather elements cause gradual deterioration and downtime that can…

When to replace your garage door opener?

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A garage door opener makes your life easy, while ensuring that a heavy garage door is operated safely and efficiently. With an assortment of safety…

Understand your garage door emergency release feature

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A simple push on the remote button is all your need to open your garage door. And this simple convenience usually goes unnoticed until there…

Is it time for garage door cable drums replacement?

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While garage door spring provides strength to operate the door, it’s the drums and safety cables that actually do the real work of lifting the…

Is your garage really safe?

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Is your garage a safe place? This question is important because homeowners use this versatile space for a number of reasons. A typical garage not…

Why Safety Cables are Important?

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An average garage door is a pretty heavy unit, weighing an average of 300-500 pounds. Each time you operate this heavy door, it opens up…