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Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

Professional Garage Door Opener Installation in Georgetown


We can help you with a new garage door opener installation in Georgetown, if you decide to replace your old unit to take advantage of better safety and security features that new version has to offer. Sometimes it is more cost effective to go for new opener rather than wasting money on getting your opener repaired, especially if it is an old unit that is experiencing frequent meltdowns. Installing a garage door opener is not a simple process but a well-coordinated project that may require customization and adjustments in some cases. There are various pre-installation factors to consider, including the condition of your door and its components, height of the door and amount of overhead space. With our experience and expertise, we know how to plan and execute the installation of your garage door opener.

What are the signs that there is a problem with your opener? Excessive noise coming from the opener or a garage door that reverses after opening, vibrates or rattles a lot, makes unusually loud noises that were not heard before or responds intermittently, are the signs that something could be wrong with the opener. Our technician will ensure that you don’t have dead remote batteries, misaligned safety sensors and failure to reconnect the door after checking the balance as reasons why your door is not responding. Our garage door repair professionals will find out if the problem is with the door or the opener. They will check how well the door is operating manually and whether opener lights are on or off. At times, resetting a circuit breaker or reconnecting the opener may fix the issues you are facing with your door operation. In such cases, you don't have to go all the way to getting your door repair or replaced.

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Professional garage door opener repair in Georgetown

If you are looking for professional garage door opener repair in Georgetown or require installation of a new unit, call Premier Overhead of Georgetown at (512) 518-6300.. An integral part of your garage door systems, automatic openers make it easy and convenient to operate your garage door with a mere press of a button, unless of course one fine day there is no response. While it is not an everyday occurrence as openers are fairly study units that last you for a long time, but years of usage take a toll on its health. Our technician will determine whether you need to repair or replace your opener, depending on the severity and complexity of the damage.

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