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Professional Garage Door Repair

Best Garage door repair services in Tyler


A garage door that refuses to open or close is a frustrating problem to face. Other signs that your garage door is responding too slow or too fast, it is making jerky movements during operation, the door is reversing before it even touches the ground and garage door not responding to remote or wall switch, are usually signs that it is time to call a professional. Call Premier Overhead of Tyler at (903) 532-0330 for affordable and professional garage door repair services in Tyler.


Premier Overhead of Tyler for Garage Repair

Ignoring opening and closing issues, out of balance door, gaps between the springs, squeaking noises and bent panels can lead to bigger structural issues that can reduce the lifespan of your garage door and is likely to make your garage stop working without any warning. Broken garage door springs can be especially dangerous as they can make the entire garage door system, including cables and pulleys, vulnerable to breakdown.

Our technicians have a deep technical knowledge of garage door components and know how to work around dangerous parts such as springs, which are always under tremendous tension and pressure. Equipped with all the right tools, and with years of experience and technical skills, our team is always ready to make your garage door up and running.

Best Garage door Makeover services in Tyler

Garage door repair in Tyler

  • Broken or worn out springs repair
  • Broken cables repair
  • Brokenor bent panels repair
  • Automatic opener, remote and wall button
  • Bent or broken track repair
  • Broken rollers repair
  • Broken drums repair
  • Opener motor repair
  • Adjusting and balancing issues
  • Sensors alignment

Why Us?

  • Full range of garage door services
  • Extensively trained garage door professionals
  • Licensed and insured company
  • Responsive team and same day service
  • Labor and material warrantee

Call us at (903) 532-0330 for more information on our garage door repair services in Tyler. We will happy to answer all your queries on repair, part replacement, installation and inspection.

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