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Why Safety Cables are Important?

An average garage door is a pretty heavy unit, weighing an average of 300-500 pounds. Each time you operate this heavy door, it opens up smoothly and closes down with ease and at a steady pace.

In a typical operation, you don’t worry about it lifting up too fast or crashing down on you or vehicle. This is because garage door springs and cable system carry the weight of the door and work in tandem to make sure your door lifts right with no jerky movements, going up or down.

Every single time to you open or close the garage door, safety cables are used. All the movement around the drums, while holding hundreds of pounds of the garage door takes its toll on the drums, causing them to fray. In addition, these cables are continuously exposed to weather elements such as moisture, extreme cold and heat. All these factors can impact the strength and condition of the cables. Damaged bearings can also cause the cables to fail.

Remember, safety cables and springs stay under extreme tension and should only be taken down, repaired or replaced by someone who knows the steps to prevent any mishap.

Most people don’t realize there is something wrong with the cables unless something goes seriously wrong. You don’t want the cables to snap unexpectedly, and close inspection is one way you can avoid this.

Signs that cables need replacement

  1. Visible signs of wear and tear on the cables
  2. Cable hanging loose or falling down around the door
  3. Difficulty opening the door
  4. Squeaking and grinding noises during door operation
  5. Trouble with door alignment
  6. Jerky movements or vibrations whenever door is opened or closed
  7. Springs look fine but there is trouble operating or closing the door

If you find cables keep slipping off the drum or notice any visible signs of fraying or rusting, call a garage door repair company immediately.

Sometimes, the problem is not with the drums but with springs. A weak or damaged spring may cause cables to recoil. Similarly an extremely tight spring may cause the cables to slide out of the groves of the drum. In any case, it is not a good idea to fiddle with springs or cables on your own. Call an experienced and reliable technician.

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