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Garage door

Garage door springs repair in Temple City

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Your garage door is an integral part of home security – providing both convenience and protection at the same time. It works with the help…

Reasons for a slow-opening garage door

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One of the most common issues with garage owners is – a slow opening garage door. It can become frustrating when you’re in a hurry,…

Why does my garage door open by itself

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We use the garage door multiple times a day, year after year, which puts a lot of stress on the door and its components. The…

Tips to extend your garage door life

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A high quality, properly installed garage door can serve you for a long time, if it is maintained well. Regular use, heavy weight-lifting and exposure…

Why Safety Cables are Important?

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An average garage door is a pretty heavy unit, weighing an average of 300-500 pounds. Each time you operate this heavy door, it opens up…