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Professional Garage Door Repair

Best Garage door repair services in College Station

What is your biggest worry when you have to call for garage door repair in College Station? Hidden costs? Poor workmanship? Use of low quality parts? Inexperienced technician? When you choosePremier Overhead Co,. be assured that you are engaging a reliable andtrustworthy garage door repair company with licensed and bonded repairmen to carry our repairs, inspection and installation for yourgarage door.

You may be facing one or more of the following issues: Your garage door is moving at an abnormal speed, it is responding slow to the opener's command, it moves back swiftly even before it touches the floor, it is not closing all the way down, it only moves halfway andstops, it makes unusually loud sounds while in use and it refuses to budge when stuck midway. All these signs indicate that you need to call a garage door repair specialist right away. It could be a broken spring, an out of alignment sensor, old motor, worn-out lift cable or malfunctioning opener. Whatever the cause is, we are right here to help.

Best Garage door Makeover services in College Station

Garage door repair in College Station

Our garage door repairmen always come fully prepared at your location to provide safe and precise repair on the same day. We never upsell our services and try our best to repair the issue at hand without resorting to replacements unless totally avoidable. Our technician will
first explain the issue and give you an estimate before they start working on the project. We believe in total transparency in effort and cost estimates, one of the top reasons we have established ourselves as one of the most trustworthy company for garage door repairs in College Station, TX.

Our garage door repair services include:

  • Garage door springs repair (extension and torsion)
  • Automatic opener & remote repair
  • Lift and safety cable repair
  • Photoelectric sensor repair and re-alignment
  • Broken panels and sections repair
  • Bent track and rollers repair
  • Garage door drums repair

Don’t delay calling a garage door specialist if you notice something wrong with your garage door movement and function. Timely repair will help you avoid unnecessary stress and expenditure down the road. Ignoring signs like a slow moving garage door or a sagging garage door can invite trouble and cause accidents that can involve more than just pinched fingers. Call us at (979) 977-1082 and our licensed technicians will be quick to respond with high quality tools and genuine parts.

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