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Premier Overhead of College Station

Professional Garage Door Repair

Best Garage Door Repair Company in College Station


Premier Overhead Co. offers complete residential and commercial garage door services in College Station, Texas. Whether it is a tricky repair, preventive annual maintenance or brand new garage door installation, our trained and licensed technicians are always ready to help you with any garage door related requirement you might have. Looking to replace your old garage door? Struggling with recurring repair issues? Or need to de-clutter your garage space and carve more storage area? We are your local garage door repair company in College Station that can take care of all your requirements. All you have to do is call us at (979) 977-1082  to schedule an appointment with us and our professional will visit you.

Premier Overhead Co.



Service call fee to come out to your location: $30.00

No service charge with garage door repair or new installation.

Garage Door Repair in College Station, Texas

Looking for premium garage door repair services in College Station or surrounding areas? Call Premier Overhead Co., your reliable and local contractor for all your garage door repairs and tune-ups. Our aim is to provide same day repair so that you don’t have to worry about the safety and security risks associated with a non-functional garage door.
Reach out to us at Premier Overhead of College Station and be assured that your garage door will be in excellent working condition in no time. Our garage door experts are trained in all technical, electrical and mechanical aspects involved in your garage door workings. The can fix any problems and make sure they provide reasonable and proactive solutions so that you are not likely to face recurring problems or costly reworks.
There can be many issues with your garage door – broken springs, out of alignment photo eye, obstructed sensors, misaligned or bent track, blocked track, transmitter issue, sagging or warping door or damage cable. Any of these issues could potentially lead to a garage door that is not opening or closing, producing unusual sounds, not opening all the way or reverse before even touching the floor. These are some tell-tale signs that your garage door needs repair immediately.

Best Garage door Makeover services in College Station

Garage door services in College Station

  • Broken Springs Repair
  • Automatic opener repair
  • Broken garage door panels repair
  • Broken garage door drums and rollers repair
  • Garage door cables repair
  • Bent track repair
  • Garage door sagging and warping issues
  • Remote control repair

Garage Door Installation in College Station, Texas

Need to install a brand new garage door? Exhausted with repeated breakdown and repairs and switch to a new garage door? Replace your obsolete garage door with a new one that is equipped with modern safety and efficiency features? Give Premier Overhead Co. for best and affordable garage door installation in College Station, Texas.
We have a team of licensed and experienced garage door professionals who can handle the entire process of garage door and garage door opener installation with competence.Whether it is taking proper measurements before installing the door or checking that all the components of a garage door are working as per the specifications, our technicians will leave no stone unturned in making sure that your garage door installation project is completed as per your satisfaction.
We have years of experience in providing top notch garage door installation and repair services. We can also help in selecting the right material, size and style according to your requirements. Whether it is wood, steel or fibreglass or sectional, roll-up or slide to side garage doors, we have installed and serviced all types of garage doors.

Garage door services in College Station

Garage door maintenance in College Station, Texas

If you want to avoid costly repairs and keep your garage door in up and running condition for a long time, it is time to call Premier Overhead Co. for affordable garage door maintenance services in College Station.Just like any other machine with several electrical and mechanical components, your garage door is also prone to wear, caused by daily usage, lack of lubrication and environmental exposure. Unusual sounds, delayed response and other undesired behaviour are some tell-tale signs of broken or damaged parts such as garage door springs, photoelectric sensors, cables, tracks and remotes etc. Timely maintenance can easily take care of these issues in the beginning, which can otherwise get difficult and complicated to fix later.At Premier Overhead of College Station, our team understands that regular check-ups and proactive diagnosis is the key to preventing unwanted repairs, costly placements and fatal accidents. Our technicians understand how to proactively identify the issues that may cause unexpected breakdown and result in costly repairs and even replacement if the damage is too much. Whether it is garage door spring, cables, sensors, emergency release, openers, bearing plates, or hinges and brackets, our technicians perform a very comprehensive inspection across all the critical and non-critical garage door parts to ensure that every small and big part is checked, repaired, cleaned or adjusted


Garage Make-Over Services in College Station, Texas

Have you ever thought about using your garage space in a much more efficient way? Maybe you would like to use your garage as your workspace, to entertain friends or as an art studio. Or it can possibly be used to store your tools and supplies in a far more organised way than right now.

If you are looking to add more living or storage space in your garage, it's time to call the experts at (979) 977-1082 We provide affordable and innovative garage make-over and remodeling services in College Station.
Whether you need to convert your garage into a functional room or need to use your garage space to its full potential by installing cabinets, racks and overhead storage systems, our make-over experts can help you with services like new garage additions, garage upgrades and garage storage solutions.


Why choose Premier Overhead of College Station?

  • Same day repairs and installation
  • Well-stocked service vehicles
  • Warranties on garage door hardware and parts
  • Licensed and trained garage door contractors

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