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When to replace your garage door opener?

A garage door opener makes your life easy, while ensuring that a heavy garage door is operated safely and efficiently. With an assortment of safety and operating features, some essential and some just nice to have, garage door openers not only add safety and convenience, but also add quick value to your home.

This motorized device is tough enough to last you for a long time but daily usage causes damage that may cause it to malfunction. A simple repair or lubrication might usually do the trick but sometimes it might need urgent replacement. But how do you know its time to replace your garage door opener? Here are some signs.

  1. Garage door won’t open or close

If you find yourself hitting the close and open button a lot of times before the door responds, it is usually a sign that opener might need an upgrade. Rule out the issue of dead batteries and make sure the door is connected to the opener. If the problem still persists, the opener needs replacement. Sometimes, you may find the door moving too slowly.

  • Garaged door works on and off

If you notice that your garage door is operating erratically, opening or closing on its own, chances are the opener is not working properly.

  • Sounds coming from the opener

Strange, unusual sounds from the opener is a tell-tale sign that it needs attention. While unfamiliar sounds could be due to dirt and debris in the track or a poorly lubricated part, old, dying electric motors vibrate more than usual and generally make a lot of noise on their way out. It is always advisable to get it checked from a professional.

  • Garage door reverses mid-way on its way down

If the garage door tends toreverse itself mid-way, after you have hit the close button, call a garage door repair company to have a look. Sometimes, it may reverse the moment it touches the floor and other times it won’t move down completely. Ensure nothing is in the way of auto-reverse mechanism, clean the safety eye lens and make sure safety eyes are aligned properly. If the door still stop half-way, you might need opener repair or replacement.

  • You need an opener upgrade for increased safety and convenience

Modern garage door openers are equipped with amazing features that will not only provide better safety but also offer convenience, notable quiet and faster operation.

Latest devices are smart-phone enabled for better control, come with built-in LED light for excellent illumination, and can be synced with smart home devices. These latest technologies allow you to operate and monitor your garage from anywhere through apps on your smartphone. For example, you can program the door to close automatically at a specified time. Some models include battery back-up that prevents disruption during power outages.

garage door opener installation requires a lot of expertise, caution and technical knowledge. While you make think it’s a DIY project, replacing and installing a new opener need more than an amateur hand. One of the most important thing to take care of during installation is to adjust the springs of the garage door. It is because the main purpose of the opener is to move the door and not to actually lift the heavy weight of the door, a job accomplished by the springs. Any sloppiness in adjusting the garage door springs can lead to significant damage and injury risk.

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