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Garage Doors Repair

Best Garage door repair services in Texas

Is your garage door moving too fast or too slow? Is it not opening and closing at all? Weird sound coming from your garage door? Is it not opening all the way up? Is it falling off its track? Is your garage door out of balance?

All these are signs that your garage door needs urgent repair. It could be a broken spring, worn-out rollers, frayed cables, faulty sensors or a malfunctioning garage door opener. It could even be a loosened hardware that is making your garage door rattle so bad. Whatever the problem is, Premier Overhead Co. can help your with all kinds of garage door repairs in Texas, from changing screws and tightening hardware to repairing springs and cables.

Premier Overhead Co. offers highly reliable and affordable garage door repair services to Killeen, Georgetown, Dallas, Austin and other surrounding cities in Texas. Our garage door repair professionals are properly trained to work with all makes and models of residential and commercial garage doors and automatic openers.


Best Garage door repair services in Georgetown

If it’s not functioning at its best, your garage door not only makes your life difficult but also impact your home security. We understand how important it is to repair your garage door efficiently and on time. With our experience and technical expertise, we can quickly determine the reasons your door is behaving so erratically and give you quick resolution.

Don’t ignore or leave your door issues unattended as it can cause additional issues and add unnecessary expenses down the road. Not to mention that a malfunctioning garage door can leave you and your family members vulnerable to all kinds of dangerous situations. No need to put your safety and security at risk. Simply give us a call and we will send over our trained technician to fix your issues as fast as possible.

Our Garage Door Repair Services

  • Broken garage door springs repair
  • Broken garage door cables repair
  • Broken garage door panels repair
  • Broken rollers repair
  • Broken drums repair
  • Garage door re-alignment and balancing
  • Bent garage door track repair
  • Broken garage door opener repair
  • Photelectric sensors adjustment
  • Broken hinges or brackets

Why Premier Overhead Co. for Garage Door Repairs?

Attempting garage door repairs on your own can be both challenging and downright risky. It can not only lead to additional damages to your door but also poses serious risks to your personal safety, making you vulnerable to injuries and accidents.

Our garage door specialists understand the intricacies of garage door mechanics – from its heavy weight, automatic openers and motors to tensed springs and other components that work in tandem to make your garage door run smoothly and efficiently. We understand all the risk points and what can go wrong, which helps us to be proactive in identifying as well as addressing underlying problems without wasting too much of time.

Our professionals carry the right equipment and spare parts required to perform repairs quickly and efficiently. With our training and specialized knowledge, we can get your garage system up and running in no time. We make sure all the parts are fixed and working properly.

  1. Trained and licensed garage door specialists
  2. Fully insured garage door repair services
  3. Fast, same day repair and replacement
  4. Technical know-how and skillset
  5. Fast diagnosis

Efficient garage door repairs are crucial to proper functioning of your garage door, and also to maintain its lifespan. Call Premier Overhead Co. at (254) 844-6088 for best garage door repairs in Killeen, Georgetown and surrounding cities. Our trained experts are always prepared to provide fast assistance in emergency garage door situations.