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Garage Doors Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance Services

Frequent garage door repairs can be incredibly annoying and expensive. How do you keep your garage door in an optimum shape so that it keeps working hassle-free for a long time? How do you make sure you don’t run into expensive repairs from time to time?

The answer lies in preventive maintenance that would keep your garage door happy, healthy and well-groomed year-round. Improve the lifespan of your garage door, extract the best performance and prevent the risk of injuries and unnecessary replacement with our periodic garage door maintenance services.

As long as it is working smoothly, it’s easy to take your garage door for granted. But your overhead garage door system is a heavy and complicated piece of hardware – comprising of various components such as springs, rollers, cables, tracks, panels, automatic openers, hinges and brackets. And like with any machine with so many moving parts, daily wear and tear to garage door and its components is inevitable.


Daily usage, heavy weightlifting and exposure to weather elements can cause a lot of damage to your door. This small-scale damage can easily accumulate overtime and cause your door to stick or make weird scraping and grinding sounds. It can even cause your door to crash and drop without a warning. Ignoring small issues in the beginning can also necessitate expensive replacements in future. Garage door springs and cable system are especially prone to wear and tear as they are responsible for lifting the heavy weight of the door.

Worn-out or damaged springs, bad rollers, frayed cables, faulty openers and off track issues often lead to poor performance of your garage door and expensive repairs, if problems are not addressed on time. A garage door that’s stuck or the one with malfunctioning auto-reverse features can even make you and your family members vulnerable to injuries and a lot of unsafe scenarios. In addition, signs like warping, rusting and fraying can affect the structural integrity of your garage and need prompt attention.

Regular inspection and service of these components is important to ensure that your garage door system is reliable, safe and working at its best. Premier Overhead Co. offers highly comprehensive garage door maintenance services in Killeen, Georgetown, Dallas, Austin and other surrounding cities.

Our preventative maintenance services are designed to diagnose potential issues before they become unmanageable, interfering with door’s performance and safety of your family.

Our garage door maintenance services include

  • Visual inspection across 30-checkpoints
  • Hardware tightening (chain, nuts, bolts and belts)
  • Adjusting springs and the garage door opener
  • Lubricating rollers, cables, opener’s chain, and pulleys
  • Checking door balance and performing adjustments
  • Checking hinges and brackets
  • Checking for bent tracks
  • Inspecting weather seals and replacement
  • Testing auto-reverse mechanisms
  • Clearing the tracks of any debris or dirt
  • End bearing plates repair
  • Emergency release

Why Premier Overhead Co. for garage door maintenance

  1. Licensed, bonded, and insured garage door repair company
  2. Affordable and transparent garage door maintenance plan
  3. Unmatched garage door services – from minor adjustments to major repairs
  4. Experienced and trained professionals with an eye for details
  5. Quick identification of problem areas and quick service
  6. Best products for lubrication, repair and replacement

Working with heavy garage door require specialized skills and technical know-how. It’s always best to call professionals to perform repairs or preventive maintenance on your garage door, versus doing it on your own. Our technicians carry the best tools, understand the risks involved and are trained to work around these risks and hazards. Call Premier Overhead Co. at (254) 844-6088 today to make sure you get the best out your maintenance project. We will tune up your garage and timely address all the potential issues so that you are not up for any unexpected problems. Don’t neglect regular tune-up and inspections. Give us a call today.