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Premier Overhead of Austin

Professional Garage Door Maintenance

Best Garage Door Maintenance Services in Austin


Premier Overhead of Austin is your reliable garage door company, providing preventive garage door maintenance services in Austin. Our detailed inspection, tune-ups and maintenance solutions are designed to minimize garage door failure, maximize its lifespan and reduce risks of accidents.

Daily opening and closing, heavy lifting, working under stress and friction and exposure to weather elements can take a toll on the health of your garage door – causing warping, rusting and other signs of accumulated damage. While you can’t avoid wear and tear and routine damage, you can make sure this damage is addressed and repaired on time. That’s where preventive maintenance and inspection come into the picture.


Garage Door Maintenance Expertise

At Premier Overhead of Austin, our garage door professionals are trained to spot any potential signs of wear and damage in your garage door, such as stretched out springs, rusting of springs and cables, excessive squeaking, sagging sections etc. Proactive detection of any potential issues will save you from costly repairs, unexpected garage failures and other headaches that are associated with finding and calling a trustworthy garage door repair company near you. Our inspection and garage door maintenance services in Austin will ensure you have well-tuned garage door that promises smooth and quiet operation for a long time.

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Garage door maintenance in Austin

Whether you choose our one-time garage door maintenance services in Austin or go for our highly affordable (and easy to cancel) annual maintenance plan, our technician will ensure that every part of your garage door is closely and thoroughly inspected for any defects and signs of wear.

Our annual maintenance plan involves complete inspection across all moving parts, hardware, safety features and accessories that include garage door springs, drums, cables, roller brackets, bearing plates, opener and remotes, photoelectric sensors, electric wiring and emergency release.

We also perform minor fixes and tune ups such as spring adjustment, adjusting the door balance, replacing the worn-out weatherstripping and clearing the track of any debris.

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Why call Premier Overhead of Austin?

  • Proactive approach in identifying signs of damage
  • Instant tune-ups and minor repairs
  • Annual maintenance plan that is easy on your wallet
  • Certified, licensed and insured garage door experts
  • Complete garage door services from repair, inspection to installation

To know more about our garage door inspection and maintenance plan, give us a call at (512) 212-4119. We will be happy to answer any queries about our services, appointments and quotes.

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