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Premier Overhead of Killeen

Professional Garage Door Maintenance

Best Garage door maintenance services in Killeen


If you want to improve the longevity of your garage door and avoid recurring breakdowns, preventive garage door maintenance is the key. Premier Overhead of Killeen offers comprehensive and thorough inspection and garage door maintenance services in Killeen.

Your overhead garage system operates smoothly with the help of cables, springs, automatic opener and so many other small and big parts. Ageing, daily wear and tear and weather elements can cause warping, rusting and other damage in the garage door. This damage takes a huge toll on the life cycle of garage door components such as springs,cables, rollers, openers and panels. In fact, rusting is one of the top reasons for springs failure.

Simple garage door problems, when not noticed and addressed in time,can soon spiral out of control, causing your garage door to fail. Our garage door maintenance experts will catch any signs of damage, rusting or fraying in the beginning itself, which means lower repair and replacement costs for you.

A routine maintenance and inspection of your garage door system will also significantly reduce any risk of unexpected garage door malfunction, that can cause potential damage to your vehicle or self.

Garage door maintenance in Killeen

Our technicians make sure that every component of your garage door system is thoroughly checked for any faults or potential issues. We understand that simple steps like adjusting tension in springs, tightening nuts and bolts,adjusting door balance, and testing the auto-reverse features go a long way in making sure your garage door stays happy, healthy and safe to use for a long time.

With our annual maintenance plan, your garage door will receive a full inspection across all critical 30 points including springs, drums, cables, bearing plates, top roller bracket, screws, automatic opener, sensors, electrical wiring, emergency release, button and travel adjustment. Our garage door maintenance in Killeen also include cleaning of tracks, lubricating springs and rollers, hardware tightening and weather seals inspection.

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Why call Premier Overhead of Killeen?

  • Choose from one time inspection or annual maintenance plan
  • A thorough inspection across 30 important check-points
  • Trained and certified professionals
  • Detail oriented team for excellent services
  • Experts in identifying problems before they become unmanageable

Don’t ignore the signs of wear and tear in your garage door, such as creaking sounds, rust build up, bent or warped door. Call us at (254) 935-0487 to have a look for a detailed check-up and inspection. We guarantee safe and affordable garage door maintenance services in Killeen, Texas.

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