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Is your garage really safe?

Is your garage a safe place? This question is important because homeowners use this versatile space for a number of reasons. A typical garage not only houses your vehicles, but it also serves as a space where you store tools, hardware, equipment and repair devices. But your garage is also a potentially dangerous place if you are not careful. So, what are you doing for garage safety?

You may have installed latest security systems to prevent break-ins but are you sure the heavy garage door is not posing any kind of threat? As the heaviest moving machinery with so many interconnected and moving parts, your garage door deserves more attention than it typically gets. So, while you may have all the right safety features installed, your garage door can still be unsafe if it is malfunctioning, poorly installed or poorly maintained. This highlights that a safe door is crucial to overall garage safety.

This is a checklist to make sure your garage and garage door system are safe.

  1. Make sure you call a professional for safe installation
  2. Educate your kids about the dangers of playing around or hiding in the garage door and make sure they don’t have access to the opener remote.
  3. Familiarize yourself with safety features and be aware of how to use door’s emergency release feature. This comes handy when you want to open the door manually during a power outage or if something goes wrong.
  4. Test the garage safety features (auto-reversal mechanism, photo eye sensors and manual release) once every month to make sure they are working right.
  5. Don’t ignore any unusual noises, especially from a moving garage door
  6. Lubricate parts like springs, bearings, track and rollers, and select the right lubricant
  7. Store electrical and sharp equipment in your garage with extreme care. Ensure none of the electrical devices and power tools are left plugged in.
  8. Never store toxic and flammable items such as paints, cleaners, propane and paper piles in the garage.

One of the very important steps to ensure your garage and garage door unit offer complete safety at all times is that you call a professional garage door repair company for regular inspection, maintenance and parts replacement.

Garage door is a complicated assembly of many parts that undergo daily wear and tear.  Springs, especially, are a dangerous component if one doesn’t know how to work around them. The main purpose of the garage door springs is to provide a counterbalance to the heavy weight of the garage door and lift it. Malfunctioning springs mean you can have trouble opening or closing the door and springs failure can even cause the door to come crashing down without a warning, causing severe injuries and property damage.

Working with a garage door – installation, repair or replacement of any part – requires years of experience and technical expertise. At Premier Overhead Co., our licensed garage repair technicians in Killeen know the dangers of wrong installation. They are experts in diagnosing the problem and providing preventive maintenance to avoid costly repairs and unexpected garage issues. We are your proactive garage door specialists in Killeen, offering same day, fast services for your garage door. Call us at (254)848-6088today!