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Premier Overhead of Georgetown

For same-day garage door repair & installation

Best Garage Door Repair Company in Georgetown


Premier Overhead Co. is your reliable garage door repair company in Georgetown. Whether you are looking for garage door opener, installation, repair, replacement of broken parts, regular maintenance or garage make-over to create more living or storage space, Premier Overhead of Georgetown is your one stop shop for all your garage door servicing and remodeling requirements. Call us at (512) 518-6300We understand the level of expertise and skills garage door projects require. Our technicians are trained in performing high-level garage door repairs and installations that need proper understanding of garage door mechanics.

Premier Overhead Co.



Service call fee to come out to your location: $30.00

No service charge with garage door repair or new installation.

Garage Door Repair Services in Georgetown, Texas

Frozen garage door that refuses to open or close? Door moving too slow or stopping halfway during operation? Out of balance garage door? Noisy door? Garage door operating with excessive movements? Opener not working? These are all common signs that your garage door needs repairs.

If you are looking for fast, same day garage door repair services in Georgetown, Texas, call Premier Overhead of Georgetown at (512) 518-6300. Our technicians can easily switch from simple repairs to complicated ones that require extra precision and safety measures.

Whether it is broken spring, broken chains, faulty openers garage door openers or broken panels, we handle garage door repairs with utmost care, competence and precision. Our technicians carry a wide range of tools and high quality parts, and have experience in working with all garage door and opener brands.

Best Garage door Installation services in Georgetown

Garage door services in Georgetown

  • Broken Springs Repair in Georgetown
  • Broken garage door panels repair Georgetown
  • Automatic opener repair Georgetown
  • Broken garage door rollers repair Georgetown
  • Broken garage door drums repair Georgetown
  • Garage door cables repair in Georgetown
  • Off track garage door repair services Georgetown
  • Opener sensor alignment & adjustment
  • Sagging garage door repair Killeen
  • Broken hinges or brackets
  • Bent garage door track repair
  • Remote control repair and programming
  • Parts replacement
  • Garage door weather strip

Garage Door Installation in Georgetown, Texas

Looking for garage door upgrade? Need to install a brand new garage door with latest safety and security features? It’s time to call garage door professionals. Premier Overhead of Georgetown offers expert garage door and openers installation in Georgetown, saving you time, money and headache in the long-run.

Our garage door installers in Georgetown work with heavy garage doors on a daily basis and you can relax knowing that your garage door will be installed safely. What does this mean for you? No costly reworks in near future, smooth operation with no risk of accidents or injuries or the door coming off track. It can be head-spinning to find the right door as it comes in all kinds of sizes, material and finish. In addition, you may want to go for door on the basis of how it opens. Whether it is product selection, taking necessary measurements, door installation, selecting the right opener, post-installation testing and clean-up, our garage door installation experts in Georgetown will make the installation process simple and convenient for you.

Garage door services in College Station

Our garage door installation services include:

  • New garage door installation Georgetown
  • Garage door parts installation
  • Garage door opener installation Georgetown
  • Smart garage door openers installation
  • Garage door customization

We specialize in:

  • Wood, steel, aluminium and fibreglass garage doors
  • Sectional, roll-up, side-hinged and slide to side garage doors
  • Single or double garage doors
  • Raised panels, carriage doors and traditional garage doors
  • Custom-built garage doors

Garage Door Maintenance in Georgetown, Texas

Your garage door is heavy, opens and closes several times a day and is made of so many moving parts that are constantly under high tension. Each use places a wear and tear on your garage door system, and this damage keeps collecting, putting a toll on its performance and function over a period of time.

If you want to avoid being surprised, especially when season changes, it is best to go for periodic maintenance services that will keep your garage running smoothly year after year and season after season. Looking for garage door maintenance services in Georgetown? Call Premier Overhead of Georgetown at (512) 518-6300 and learn more about our garage door maintenance plan.


With years of experience under the belt, we know what exactly to look for. While there are parts that need minor repairs and adjustments, some parts require thorough inspection. Our garage door specialists have an eye for details to look for any potential issues and provide preventive solutions that will not only keep your garage door in good shape and health but will also save you money in frequent repairs or replacement of damaged and neglected parts. No wonder we are the best garage door repair company in Georgetown for all your repair, inspection & maintenance requirements. We are fast, affordable & reliable.

Our garage door maintenance services in Georgetown includes:

  • 30-points inspection
  • Garage door springs
  • Garage door drums
  • Tracks cleaning and adjustment
  • Garage door opener maintenance
  • Hardware tightening
  • Checking hinges and brackets
  • Remote batteries replacement
  • Checking end bearing plates
  • Checking cables and pulleys
  • Testing auto-reverse features
  • Testing the door balance
  • Weather seals repair and replacement
  • Parts cleaning and lubrication
  • Washing doors and windows
  • Emergency release

Garage Make-Over Services in Georgetown, Texas

Your garage needs an overhaul, and you are looking for a professional garage make-over and renovation contractor in Georgetown?

Premier Overhead of Georgetown offers highly innovative and customized garage make-over and conversion services. We collaborate with you at very step – from ideation, planning, and designing to construction and insulation.

Whether you are looking to add extra living space into your home or leverage every inch of your garage space to store tools, equipment and utilities, we can help transform your garage into a functional space that can be used in a multiple ways.


Our garage make-over services include:

Adding an extra room for:

  • Kids or guests
  • Home office, hobby rooms and workshops
  • Recreation and entertaining
  • Home gym
  • Yoga, meditation or dance studio
  • Home theatre
  • Study room
  • Master bathrooms
  • Man cave
  • Bar

Adding features & storage:

  • Adding windows and doors
  • Adding new walls and ceilings
  • Smart storage and organization solutions
  • Installation of cabinets, shelves and racks
  • Floor & wall-mounted storage units
  • Custom carpentry
  • Garage floor upgrades
  • Part or full conversion
  • Overhead storage units

Why choose Premier Overhead of Georgetown?

  • We offer full range of garage door services
  • We offer affordable repairs and maintenance
  • We have the right touls to perform repairs and tune ups safely and efficiently
  • We understand when repair is enough or when your door needs to be replaced for safe and smooth operation
  • We are licensed and insured garage door repair company
  • We carry top quality replacement parts
  • We guarantee our work
  • We are committed to keeping you safe

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