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Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

Need Garage Door Opener Repair in Tyler?


If your garage door is not working fine or not responding to the remote or wall switch, there are chances that simple steps like changing the batteries, checking if the motor is unplugged or some resetting and reprogramming can do the trick. But sometimes these could be a sign of your opener or its circuit board going bad. If you are looking for a professional technician for garage door opener in Tyler, you have come to the right place.

Our technicians know what signs to look for and how to resolve the problem accordingly. They are trained in identifying whether the circuit breaker is tripped, motor is burned or switch needs adjusting. Sometimes, problem can be as small as misaligned sensors or rusted rollers and simply re-aligning the safety sensors and lubrication can help resolve the problem. Our certified and licensed garage door technicians will check every aspect and provide fast assistance in getting your garage door back up and running safely and smoothly like it should.

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Expert garage door opener installation in Tyler

Sometimes it is advisable to replace the entire unit then keep spending money on an old opener that is bound to give you headache with frequent breakdowns and recurring issues. Premier Overhead Co. specializes in providing high quality and durable garage door opener installation in Tyler. Our technicians have experience in installing all kinds of openers for all kinds of garage doors and they understand how important it is to select the right type of opener on the basis of the type of door you have, drive options (chain drive, belt drive, screw drive, wall mount, and direct drive), horsepower, noise level, additional safety and security options like rolling code technology, wi-fi connectivity and so much more. We will help you select the right opener it that will suit your budget as well as requirements. For safe and proper installation of your opener, give us a call today at (903) 532-0330.

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