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Is it time for garage door cable drums replacement?

While garage door spring provides strength to operate the door, it’s the drums and safety cables that actually do the real work of lifting the door. Now, what are the drums? And what are the signs that you need garage door drums replacement?

Let’s start with springs, that are mounted on a spring bar or tension bar just above the garage door. Garage door drums are wheel-shaped parts, that you can spot at each end of the torsion bar. These set of drums act as coils that wind the safety cables, which in turn are connected to highly tensed springs. This incredible tension is eventually transferred to the cable system that is designed to easily lift a door weighing hundreds of pounds.

During the opening or closing of a garage door, the safety cables wind or unwind over the drum spool. When the spring bar rotates, the cable either unwinds to shut the door down or they wind around the drums to open the door. It is, therefore, important, that you keep an eye on the wear and tear this crucial part of the cable system.

Signs that you need garage door drums replacement

Garage door drums tend to accumulate dirt and dust overtime, Constant use and moisture also contributes towards damage. Periodic inspection will help detect signs of damage such as rusting, corrosion, chipping or broken sections on the drum.

Drums may also look warped. Since drums and cables are responsible for moving the heavy door, any damage to these parts mean malfunctioning of garage door. It is important to replace damaged or warped drums as soon as possible as they can damage safety cables and eventually other parts.

Why call a garage door profession for drums replacement?

Selecting the right kind of drums is crucial to the proper and safe functioning of the garage door. There are different kinds of drums available in the market and you have to choose depending on the type, height and weight of the garage door. It also depends on whether you need drums forstandard-lift, vertical-lift or high-lift type of garage door.

Installing drums is a project that is best left to the professionals as it involves much more than just replacing the old drums. A technician will ensure that the cable winds around the drum in such a way that it doesn’t slip out of the designated grooves while coiling and recoiling. They will also ensure that spring has right amount of tension so that cables stay in place.

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