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Premier Overhead of College Station

Professional Garage Makeover & Remodeling

Best Garage door Makeover services in College Station


We provide extremely affordable garage make over services in College Station to help you maximize your garage space potential. Ready to do something fun and exciting with your garage space? Give Premier Overhead of College Station a call at (979) 977-1082 A well-planned garage makeover can do a lot to reduce clutter in your garage, offer better accessibility and create extra living space that you always wanted. Your garage can be used in a number of ways. And if you are not utilising every inch that is available, you are wasting a lot of opportunities to de-clutter you home and making your life easier.

Garage door remodeling in College Station

If navigating around your disorganised garage gives you stress, it is definitely time to think about revamping your garage space and finding ways to free up floor space. At Premier Overhead of College Station, our creative storage experts can help you with some very smart, practical and space saving storage systems to accommodate your garden tools, sports equipment and other items in a clean, clutter-free way. From simple tool racks, and mesh drawers to overhead shelves, slatwall panels and ceiling storage, we have every trick in our sleeves to transform your underused, and chaotic garage space into something that is as much as delightful as it is useful.

Best Garage door Makeover services in College Station

Garage upgrades and conversions

You want some extra living space? Whether you are looking for unique ideas to convert your garage into a living space for your home gym, work-from-home space, home theatre or kids room, our garage conversion experts can help you design and build functional living space around your unique needs and budget.Our experts can also help with quick garage upgrades such as painting the walls, adding insulation, upgrading the existing electrical system, adding a window or switching to epoxy flooring. From simple make overs to elaborate ones, we have you covered.

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