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Why does my garage door open by itself

We use the garage door multiple times a day, year after year, which puts a lot of stress on the door and its components.

The importance of a garage door is often realized when it’s not working correctly. And given its complex working mechanism –it’s not always advisable to repair a garage door all by yourself.

One of the strangest problems with an automatic garage door is when it opens by itself. This article will evaluate different reasons why it happens and any quick fixes that you can try.

Issues with the radio

Remote control used for opening/closing the garage doors work through radio frequencies. When other devices in the vicinity use the same frequencies, the chances are that it can cause your garage door to open up suddenly.

For instance, your neighbors might have a similar garage door, which could be programmed on the same radio frequency as yours. It causes your garage door to open whenever your neighbors use the remote control to open theirs.

To fix this issue, just reprogram your garage door’s frequency, and you’re good to go!

Issues with the sensors

Garage doors use sensors to ensure nothing comes in the way when the door closes. If your garage door reverses back when you close it, check for any debris picked up by the sensor.

In winters, snow or ice can block the sensors, so make sure you keep the surface below the garage door clean.

Check the remote control battery

If your remote control’s battery is failing, it may cause the garage door to open or close on its own. Replace the battery and check if the problem persists.

Bad wiring and circuit board

Sometimes the control board’s circuitry can cause the garage door to malfunction. Otherwise, due to a power surge, the transformer in the control board can cause a short circuit, which can also cause your garage door to open by itself.

It’s best to call an expert to check any loose connections in the wiring and diagnose the control board’s internal circuitry.

Some tips for maintaining your garage door

To reduce the occurrence of any faults in your garage door, follow these tips:

  • Regularly check the garage door for any anomalies
  • Keep the tracks clean and well-lubricated
  • Clean the surface below the garage door for any debris
  • Frequently change the batteries of the remote control


A garage door opening or closing by itself can be a cause of concern for the safety and security of your home.

By a little self-inspection, you can identify the reason. In most cases, the issue is quickly resolved. However, if you can not find or fix the problem, it’s best to call an expert to prevent any accident.