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Garage door springs repair in Temple City

Your garage door is an integral part of home security – providing both convenience and protection at the same time. It works with the help of many components, out of which the garage door spring is considered its Achilles’ heel.

The spring’s function is to allow the door to close or open whenever you require; given their varying durability, your door may stop functioning when the springs have worn out.

Besides, no matter how durable the springs are, they won’t last forever, causing you to replace them any time in the future. Read this article to find all the details you require to get garage door springs repair in Temple City.

Checking the condition of the springs

The first sign of wear and tear in the springs is the abnormal behavior of your garage door. It can take too long to close or open, may open/close in jerks, or stop functioning at all.

For garage door spring repair or replacement in Temple City, you will need the help of an expert. Remember, DIY can cause an accident or damage to your property if you’re not skilled or don’t have the right tools.

To increase the longevity of the garage door springs, make you regularly check and lubricate them. Here are some of the early signs that can help you evaluate the condition of your garage door springs:

  • Rust on the surface of the springs
  • Stretched out more than the standard limit
  • Any sound during opening or closing

If you find any of these signs, it might be the case that your door springs need repair or replacement. Generally, it’s advisable to replace the garage door springs after a fixed period. However, you can also get them repaired depending upon their condition and the opinion of the expert.

Types of garage door springs

There are two most common types of springs used in garage doors:

Extension Springs:The extension springs store potential energy by extending or stretching. When the garage door is closed, a tremendous amount of weight comes off the horizontal track that adds tension to the stretched springs. While opening, the tension releases and the springs pull the door.

Torsion Springs: Torsion springs are placed above the garage door and slide into a bar. The force is distributed across the shaft, which causes the cables to spin at an equal rate and open/close the door as required.

Cost of garage door repair in Temple City

The cost of repair or replacement of a garage door spring may depend on the components and extent of damage to the door.

If the damage is minimal and the springs have signs of rust, the garage door expert may clean the components, apply the anti-rust treatment, and reassemble your garage door to resume its working.

While if the springs are damaged to a higher degree and have caused additional damage to other components, then the costs can go higher depending upon the situation.